More About Me
Mike enjoys helping his clients buy, sell, or trade personal real estate or investment properties. There are not many things that can compare with real estate ownership. Whether it is your first home, or you are resizing, or just changing location, it is almost always exciting to pursue the search. Let Mike help you with that. Now is a wonderful time to be in the real estate market. These are the things Mike can help you accomplish
1. Help you FIND that first home.
2. Help you UPSIZE, DOWNSIZE, or CUSTOMIZE your next home.
3. Help you find INVESTMENT properties.
4. Help you find and manage VACATION RENTALS.
5. Help you find a SECOND HOME.

What does Mike like to do for fun. . .
• Hiking (Angels Landing is my favorite)
• Travel (New Zealand, Ireland, Alaska, Southern Utah, Israel, Southern Germany and Austria, and that is a good start)
• Fishing in Alaska
• Photography
• Vacation Rentals and Management

Other Experience Notes:
Mike began preparing for his career by graduating from the BYU Accounting program. During his time in school, he sold real estate for few years. After graduation, he pursued a career in financial software development. He later created and managed several software development & professional services companies. One of which was sold to a public-held company.

For the last ten plus years, he has served as the President, Vice President, and Board Member for the Upper Whittemore Property Owners Association. (An association of 126 property owners in Hobble Creek Canyon just outside of Springville, UT.) In 2013 he returned to school to pursue an MBA degree at BYU. Graduating in 2015 he used this experience to elevate and extend business success.